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This website that was created and maintained by Michele Spatocco. It is a very rich source of information on Vasto and its surroundings.


Noi Vastesi (We Vastesi) is a blog created and maintained by Nicola D’Adamo. It is in Italian. It covers current events in Vasto and has built up a very substantial body of recent history and events of Vasto.

Vasto Notizie (Vasto News) Website:


This website (only in Italian) covers news and events of Vasto.


This is the official website of Vasto (only in Italian) covers news and events of Vasto.

Coro Polifonico Histonium (Polyphonic Choir Histonium)


This excellent choir has a long history in Vasto. Their latest CD of Vastesi songs in included on this website.