Family Stories

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Antonio Barone was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 13 November 1918. His father Luigi (who had migrated previously to the USA), came to Western Australia in 1927. Antonio joined his father in 1937,  clearing bush at first and then potato growing in Hamel. He was interned briefly in 1940... Read more »
Michele Bellafronte was born in Vasto Italy on 28 August 1930. He migrated to Western Australia and was sponsored by Vincenzo Scafetta. He arrived on the 22 February 1952 on the ship Oceania. His background was the land in Vasto. He worked in Australia largely in the Fremantle area and... Read more »
Bruce West comes from a farming background. His grandfather came from Victoria and took up land in the Dumbleyung district, where the family pioneered farmland. His father in due course took up land in Kondinin, where Bruce was born. The West family ran farms in Kondinin and also a business... Read more »

Nicola Bottari Economic Director By Paolo Calvano He graduated in political sciences, economics and actuarial studies; he became an employee of the Treasury. From 1913 to 1917 he established the Treasury services in the Italian Somalia. From 1919 to 1936 he was nominated first secretary and then the only delegate… Read more »

Umberto Bottari Fashion Designer (Vasto 1906 + New York 1990) By Paolo Calvano Born in January 1906 his parents were Crispiano and Assunta Altruda. He decided to migrate in 1923 and established himself in New York and founded a high level fashion house. As proprietor and director of a fashion… Read more »