Family Stories

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Amalia was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 15 September 1931. Her father (Nicola) had migrated to Australia in 1952 (ship Cyrenia) and he called out the family (wife Rosa and children Cesare, Elena & Michele), who arrived 16 October 1954 on the ship Neptunia. Amalia then called out her... Read more »

Nicola Maria La Verghetta Market Gardener (Vasto 1880 + Camden 1975) By Paolo Calvano He was born in Vasto16 January 1880 in a family of market gardeners who cultivated land at La Marina between the districts of San Tommaso and Ponte Marina. At the age of 26 he migrated in… Read more »

Beniamino Laccetti An entrepreneur with a world view (Vasto 1855 + Naples 1949) By Paolo Calvano Beniamino was born in Vasto 25 January 1855. He went to primary school, and notwithstanding his good results, his father took him to work with his trading business. In between his business dealings he… Read more »

Filandro Lattanzio (Vasto 1908 + 1986) By Paolo Calvano After primary school he went to work with a blacksmith, from whom he received the first rudiments of design. The doctor Sangiovanni and the poet Romualdo Pantini took an interest in him and so he stopped the apprenticeship and began a… Read more »