Family Stories

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Giuseppe Salvatorelli was born in Vasto (contrada Santa Lucia) Italy on 14 March 1934. He migrated to Western Australia, being sponsored by his brother Giovanni, arriving in February 1955 on the ship Sydney. He worked in Perth, Manjimup and Quairading, then went to South Australia and worked in Tintinara, Adelaide... Read more »
Michele was born in Vasto 13 October 1927. He completed five years of schooling and then worked with his family on the land share farming. Michele was sponsored by Domenico Cinquina and arrived in Fremantle 21 December 1956 on the ship Surriento. He worked on a variety of occupations first... Read more »
Ernesto Saraceni was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 2 July 1914. He migrated to Australia arriving in Fremantle 28 May 1958 on the ship Napoli to join his older brother. He learnt the trade of concrete sculpting in Vasto. In Australia he became a bricklayer and worked in the... Read more »
Luke (Luccio) was born in Subiaco 18 June 1954 and his parents were Michele (Mick) Saraceni and Anna (nee Di Narda) both from Vasto. Michele arrived in Australia in 1952. Luke grew up in a dual culture and he states that his brother would say that “we went to school... Read more »
Maria Grazia Saraceni was born in Perth Western Australia 31 May 1960. After completing her high schooling at Sacred Heart College (where she was dux for her year), she graduated in Arts studying Italian and French at the University of WA and completed her Bachelor of Education. She won a... Read more »