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Filippo Marchesani was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 12 July 1925. He worked on his family’s share cropping farm from an early age at Punta Penna. He migrated to Australia arriving in Fremantle December 1955 on the ship Castel Felice. He was sponsored by Giuseppe Smargiassi in Pingelly. He... Read more »

Enrico Marchesani Miner (Vasto 1931) By Paolo Calvano He emigrated in Belgium in 1951, accepting a blocked contract which imposed a 5 year contract to work in the mines. He went to live in Quaregnon together with other Vastesi (his brother Michele, Cesare Salvati, Giuseppe Cinquina and Michele Stivaletta). From… Read more »

Filippo Marinucci was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 22 July 1942. He migrated to Australia arriving in Fremantle 25 December 1958 on the ship Neptunia, with his mother and two sisters. He was sponsored by his brother Luigi Marinucci. He worked in a variety of jobs including Rowleys (refrigeration),... Read more »
Luigi (Gino) Marinucci was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 16 September 1935. His father Tommaso was a fisherman, and he spent his early youth helping his father. After completing his primary schooling he went to work for an optician, and then worked as a porter in a hotel in... Read more »
Angela was born in Vasto 23 November 1923. She completed primary schooling and then learnt dressmaking. Angela married Antonio Marrocco (born 8 August 1922), and they had two children in Vasto Maria Nicoletta and Grazia. Antonio was a sailor on a submarine in 1942, and was a POW in Germany... Read more »