Family Stories

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Gennaro Colangelo was born 2 September 1932 in Vasto Italy. He migrated to Western Australia in 1952 on the ship Roma and began to work in Perth. In due course he went also to work in Darwin and Alice Springs where he worked in the building industry. While in the... Read more »
Natale was born in Vasto 26 July 1934. He completed five years of schooling and then began to learn the trade of carpentry. He also worked as a pharmacist’s assistant for five years. Natale was sponsored by his brother Gennaro and arrived in Fremantle 25 January 1955 on the ship... Read more »
Rosalinda (Linda) Colangelo nee Savino Linda was born in Vasto 31 March 1930. She had four years of schooling and then learnt dressmaking. Linda married Liberatore Colangelo (who had migrated in 1950, sponsored by his sister Luisa Del Borrello) by proxy and arrived in Fremantle 5 September 1952 on the... Read more »

Ernesto Cordella Explorer (Vasto 1864 + Belgian Cong 1905) By Paolo Calvano His father was Federico, and engineer with Neapolitan origins, and his mother Isabella Celano. He attended the Military Academy of Turin and graduated as a lieutenant in the artillery in 1883. In 1884 during the cholera epidemic he… Read more »

Giuseppe D’Adamo was born 18 December 1930 in Vasto Italy. He migrated to Western Australia, being sponsored by his cousin Angelo Sputore. He arrived 9 May 1954 on the ship Oceania, and worked in Perth as a barber. He decided to return to Vasto and has lived there permanently. To... Read more »