Family Stories

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Grazia D’Adamo nee Tolomeo Grazia D’Adamo was born in Vasto 26 February 1934. She was sponsored by her brother Mario Tolomeo and arrived in Fremantle 16 December 1957 on the ship Oceania. She married Domenico D’Adamo and for many years they ran the Vastese Catering Service. They have three children:... Read more »
Giuseppe D’Annunzio was born 13 December 1940 in Vasto (contrada Casetta) Italy. He migrated to Western Australia in August 1954 on the ship Australia, and worked in Hamel and Perth. He went also to work in Griffiths (NSW) and Brisbane (Queensland) in the vehicle tyre industry. He became an Australian... Read more »
Giulio D’Attilio was born in Vasto Italy on 16 February 1932. He migrated to Western Australia, being sponsored by Michele Scacchia. He arrived in Fremantle on 21 September 1952 on the ship Napoli. He worked in Perth, Geraldton and Alice Springs in the building industry. Giulio returned to Vasto and... Read more »
Leonardo D’Adamo was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 27 July 1926. He worked on his family’s market garden from an early age, helping his mother Teresa. His father Nicola had emigrated to the USA. After his military service, Leonardo migrated to Australia (sponsored by Giuseppe Del Borrello) arriving 19... Read more »
Maria D’Adamo (nee Saraceni) was born in Vasto (Chieti Abruzzo Italy) 27 February 1931.   After completing her five years of primary education, she attended two years of embroidery training at a convent. She migrated to Australia (sponsored by Giuseppe Del Borrello) arriving 15 December 1957 on the ship Oceania.... Read more »